~ Lady Butterbug Garden on Front Cover of Flea Market Outdoor Magazine ~

I am so excited my garden made the front cover of Flea Market Outdoor magazine.

~ March 2016 magazine on display now ~

Fifi O'Neill was the stylist and Mark Lohman was the photographer.
Fifi and Mark are so much fun to work with and be around.
They act like an old married couple but they are not married to each other.
They just spend a lot of time together taking pictures of beautiful houses
and gardens across the country.  I want to tell you these two work!!!

This garden adventure began in 2006 when I purchased a 1952 ranch style house surrounded by huge 
shade trees where no grass would grow.  
So I turned the yard into a flower garden with brick walkways, a few sitting areas, a garden shed 
and filled the garden with vintage finds and many many plants.

My husband Steve and I did our first garden project together in 2010.
We built the brick patio in the picture above...1500 bricks.
 It was a true test of how we would work together. Steve found out I'm
not the perfectionist that he is.
We met in 2009 and married in March of 2011.  Now we
work together in our Lady Butterbug home decor business being stockists
for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in McKinney, Plano, and Grapevine areas.

Many pieces in the garden are painted in Annie Sloan paint.
 Pots, greenhouse door and concrete foundation,
metal pieces, glider and metal chairs, fireplace mantel,
and corbel table.  No need to seal the paint
and no sanding, priming, or stripping
before painting.

I hope you will purchase a magazine and take a peek!!!


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Lady Butterbug

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