~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Painted Fireplace Brick Surround ~

This fireplace surround was painted by my Lady Butterbug customer Dawn Rochelle.  
Dawn visited my Lady Butterbug Shoppe in McKinney 
wanting to change the look of her red fireplace surround 
to a softer white.  
I explained to Dawn the steps and Chalk Paint® colors I used when painting 
my brick hearth and she liked the idea.  
You can find the steps I used HERE.

Dawn explained the steps she used to create her look using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

 "First I painted the entire fireplace in color Coco (grout included).
 Then I dry brushed both colors Old White and Pure White onto the Coco giving it an uneven colorization. I tried to focus on the areas that naturally held more color. 
 After that I used a very course sandpaper to sand the entire brick surround 
 focusing on the areas that naturally took more paint off; or gave an interesting pattern.
 It led me...more than I led it as far as pattern and proximity of color. 
 We are actually still sanding every now and then as different lighting 
 can lead you to continue to perfect the look."

Dawn really likes how the new Chalk Paint® colors brightened the room.  
She emailed me these pictures and was so delighted I had helped her with this project.  
No need to wax a fireplace surround or use a topcoat product since the Chalk Paint® 
soaks into the bricks and once cured gives you a very durable finish.

Thank you Dawn for sharing your pictures and painting steps!

Project Supply List:
Annie's colors Coco, Old White and Pure White (sample pot of each)
Annie's Small natural bristle paint brush
200 grit sandpaper
Blue shop towels (these are lint free; perfect for dabbing off paint)
Dropcloth and blue painter's tape
Vacuum for cleanup of dust from sanding paint

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  1. Thank you for sharing the inspiration for painting and decoration! It looks fantastic! Nowadays painting made easy and fun using airless spray and I’m trying to get one for my painting project. Would love to see more updates from you for inspirations! Thanks!