~ Victoria Cottage at Lady Butterbug House ~

Oh my goodness...I am in love with this sweet cottage
I call her Victoria.
I had no idea she would be so stinkin cute!!!

I must admit I buy most architectural vintage pieces I can
get my hands on.  These vintage finds wait in storage until
I have a project where I can use them.  I had just purchased the door
from a picker friend and was going to use it in my house...but
it made the perfect front door for this little cottage.  I added a Le Fleur IOD Decor
Transfer to the glass and painted the inside of the glass In 
Annie Sloan color Pure White
so you can't see through the door.

I cut the address stencil out of cardboard using an
online font. The metal pieces on top and bottom
of the address number are top pieces of a 
vintage chainlink fence. I found the cottage
light at a local antique mall.  The lightbulb is a dawn
to dusk one so it stays lit all night.

I added architectural wood pieces to the front door
and off to the side of the door to add interest and texture.
The front door and side window have old chippy peely
rosettes and plinths
at the corners and vintage chippy trim molding.
I pulled all of these vintage trim pieces out of my stash...
I do like to collect!!!

This is the side of the cottage.  
The two cottage light fixtures
were pulled from the garage and wired...dawn to dust lightbulbs
are used for night time light.
Old tin Victorian roofing tiles were used to enclose
the underpinning.
The tin roof came off an old barn not to far away
from my house.
The chippy tin lined planter was moved from the front porch.
I will change out the flowers with the seasons.

More iron toppers were added to the window.
Close-up of the vintage planter...this is one of
my favorite pieces!

This is the back of the cottage but faces the street.
I had to fit the cottage in amongst the trees and shrubs
so the front door faces the backyard. Victoria was built
as a storage shed
for my Lady Butterbug Shoppe business.
She is already pretty full of goodies waiting 
for space in the shoppe!
I have many vintage architectural finds
for sale at the Shoppe.

I found the Victorian light fixture (2 of them) at 
a barn sale.  I bought them not knowing where I was 
going to use them...this one loves its new home...the other one
is stored in the shed...hahaha!  I attached the
light to an old wood headboard piece.  Two vintage corbels frame the
bottom and a scalloped wood piece is on top.  The light stays on all the time.
The bottom tin piece holds seasonal plants.  
The front and back gables are decorated with Victorian style
gable fretwork.  I purchased seven pieces like this off of Craigslist
storing them in the garage until needed.  I used three pieces at the 
Lady Butterbug Shoppe.
Believe it or not these gable pieces are not wood 
but shaped out of polystyrene so they are very light weight.
The roof had to be built to the pitch of the gable pieces.

Stop by my quirky gift shoppe if you're in the area...
I would love to meet you!

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1701 N. Waddill St. McKinney, TX.
Mon - Sat... 10 -5

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