~ Bicycle On The Wall ~

A friend of mine generously gave me this pink cutesy pie bike.
It sat by the fence for a while until I decided what to do with it
in the garden.

I just had the house painted white with white trim and this
southern blank wall under the ancient pecan tree 
needed some attention.

So I decided to hang the bicycle with chains from the under hang 
of the house to add
some color and excitement.
Hanging the bike was a challenge...but this girl can do most
things I put my mind to.

I took two five gallon buckets and set the bike on the buckets.
Well the bike wouldn't stay on the buckets of course.
So I put one wheel on the bucket and raised the other wheel in
the air and secured the wheel on the chain with an S hook. 
Next I lifted the
next wheel and secured with the chain.  Well the bike was hanging too low
so I kept raising each wheel until I liked the height.

If someone was watching me they were having a good laugh...
plus I said a few naughty words!!!

I planted the front basket with purple daisies and added 
a back basket and filled with pots and more daisies.

Once the bike was hung I lived with it for a few days.
But I decided it just needed more color and something on the wall.

I went to Pinterest to look for ideas for the wall.  I found two pictures...
one of the "Enjoy the Ride" saying and another picture of the
trees, birds and pathway.

I am no artist...but I do have an overhead projector that I bought
on Craigslist for $15.
I made copies of the pictures and took the pics to Office Depot 
and had a transparency made to use with the overhead projector.

You have to use an overhead projector at dusk for the design to show
up on a white surface.  So around 6:00 I moved the projector
back and forth until I had look and size I wanted on the wall.
I traced the designs with a the time I finished tracing
it was almost dark.
The next day I painted the graphics with acrylic craft paints.

This is very primitive painting but again I am not an artist.

The oakleaf hydrangeas are just starting to bloom and the hanging
basket will be planted with angle wing begonias.

My garden and home will be featured at the McKinney Garden Tour
on June 9th.

I hope you will join me on Instagram and Facebook and if 
you're in McKinney, TX. stop by my Lady Butterbug Shoppe.


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