~ Wedding at Round Top ~

We got married in LaGrange at the Historic Courthouse in the atrium.  It is a beautiful building on the square.

After the wedding we continued our antiquing spree in Warrenton and made some really cool finds.

If you ever have the chance to go to the Warrenton/Round Top antique show don't pass put the chance!

~ The Sounds of Spring...Trumpet Vine...And... ~

Birds are singing - flowers are blooming - and love is in the air. I just love this time of year...

...AND...to top it off Mr. Sweetie and I are getting married tomorrow!! Life is good ~ Enjoy your weekend!

~ Summer Phlox ~

I'm ready for the summer phlox to bloom in the yard. Fifteen more bags of leaves raked today...now the perennials can get some sun to grow.

Oxalis, hostas, roses, Althea trees, miscantha, redbuds, and creeping jenny are all in full bud. The oaks have finally lost all their leaves and budding too. Oh, I forgot the hydrangeas and lenten rose are in full bud. HOW I LOVE SPRING!!!

~ Sunday Chores ~

Mr. Sweetie is a slave driver  :) ...he and I have been out in the yard raking leaves. We have raked 58 bags of leaves in the past week and probably that many to go. Nice to have 3 mature oak trees and 2 mature pecan trees but the leaves are a chore.

Next Mr. Sweetie had us putting down quarter round in the living room and breakfast room...I told you he is such a slave driver  :)  We haven't finished this project...ran out of molding. I'll show you a picture of the completed project tomorrow.

Finally I scraped one side of the greenhouse and caulked in preparation for primer and paint. We built the greenhouse last summer and finished painting two walls. We will finish painting now that spring is here.

~ Dust Ruffle Tutorial ~

This is a tutorial for a two sided dust ruffle made for a bed with a foot board. The dust ruffle will be attached to the mattress with quilting pins.

First let me tell you about the fabric. Joann Fabrics has their tissue linen on sale online. If you print off the sale page and take it to the store they will honor the online sale. I purchased the tissue linen for $2.99 regularly $8.99. What a bargain!!

To begin the project you will need a ruffle foot and a rolled hem foot.

Measure the dust ruffle height you will need and add 1" for the top ruffle area to this measurement. Now measure the length of the mattress side and 2 1/2 times this measurement for fullness. Divide the total required length by the width of the fabric and that is how many widths of fabric you will sew together for the desired length. If you have a long piece of fabric you can cut each side from the length using the selvage for the top of the ruffle, this is called railroading the fabric.  Now attach the ruffle foot and begin ruffling 1/2" down from the top.

Next attach the hem roll foot...hold your mouth just right...and hem the bottom.

This is what the finished dust ruffle looks like before you attach each side to the mattress with quilting pins.

This is the finished look.

~ Do You Know? ~

I found the two lamps at a local estate sale...really liked the white polka-dots. I think they might be Fenton glass. Does anyone know?

I've had the glass shades for a few years. Finally found the lamps that fit the shades.

I put the shades and lamps together and really love the look. What do you think?

~ Mourning Doves ~

I'm ready for Mommy Mourning Dove to come back to the greenhouse and have babies...come on SPRING. Last spring/summer she had four pairs of babies.

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