~ Stylish Dresser Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® ~

This beautiful Michael Amini dresser was restyled by my Lady Butterbug customer LORI SHARP 

Lori shares with us why she decided to paint this wonderful piece.

"The bedroom furniture was bought about 6 years ago and the maker is Michael Amini ~ 
original furniture designs.  
It has natural marble insets in the piece so Annie's Graphite was a perfect color choice. 
 I bought a condo in Florida and thought the pieces would be to heavy in the color I bought them 
so I decided to take your class and see if I could do the 
technique and keep my bedroom furniture since I loved it so much!  
Now it will be beautiful sitting on beach wood floors!"

Here are the steps LORI followed:

1.) applied color Graphite - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® - let paint dry
2.) applied a wash of color Coco - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® - rubbing some paint off with a damp lint free cloth
3.) applied a wash of color Old White - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® - rubbing some paint off with a damp lint free          cloth 
4.) applied Annie's Soft Clear Wax using a Premium Wax Brush
5.) while Clear Wax is still wet apply small amounts of Annie's Soft Dark Wax using a Premium Wax Brush
6.) allow the waxes to dry overnight and buff with a lint free cloth to create a lustrous look
7.) apply small amount of metallic Gilding Wax if desired

 I wish to thank Lori for sharing her wonderful project pictures and
steps she used!

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Project Supply List:
Annie's colors Graphite, Coco, and Old White
Annie's Soft Clear and Dark Waxes
200 grit sandpaper
Blue shop towels (these are lint free; perfect for dabbing off paint)
Dropcloth and blue painter's tape

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