~ Arbor Built with Architectural Finds ~

I don't know about you but I love vintage architectural pieces.and I especially love
the hunt to find them.  Vintage pieces are getting harder to find and they are getting very pricey.
The idea for this huge arbor has been dancing around in my head for some time.
I can explain my ideas to James Baxter, carpenter extraordinaire, and
he builds what my heart desires.  James gets me!!!
I wanted a beefy sturdy arbor embellished with my salvaged
architectural pieces that had been stashed in the garage. 
My husband has one side of the garage for his fishing stuff and tools
and I have one side of the garage for my treasures...which are many...hahaha!
So I used plinths, gingerbread, corner pieces, corbels, spindles, cool screens,
and a old Mexican light fixture from my Dad's stash.  Yes my Dad is 89 years old and he
has stashes too.  I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
The arbor itself is built out of treated lumber and cedar.
This arbor is located in my Secret Garden under multiple trees providing a
lot of shade. You can see the arbor in the background.
 Asparagus ferns, Begonias, Creeping Jenny, and Mini Petunias are so
happy in this calm shaded space.
I used thick flagstone for the flooring and vintage cast iron seating
which I have collected through the years.
The mantel over the settee is made from a vintage dresser mirror frame and two
salvaged wood pieces nailed together for the ledge.  The Ball jars, round table bases, 
mantel, and the lamp parts used as plant holders are all painted in
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® which I distribute in the Dallas area...locations in McKinney,
Plano, and Grapevine.
Annie's Chalk Paint® is an excellent paint to use in the garden...no need to wax...
just the paint.
Purchase all your Chalk Paint® needs HERE from Lady Butterbug.

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