~Copper Leaf Tub~

I am loving the Boho Chic look and here is one reason why!

Instead of purchasing a copper bathtub, ooh that just sounds expensive,
Annie first painted this roll-top enamel tub in Florence Chalk Paint®.
This helped soften the copper leaf which has a very warm and rich,
gingery red color and its shiny metal emits light.
In her latest book Color Recipes for Painted Furniture and More 
Annie gives step by step instructions of the technique
she used for creating this gorgeous tub
along with 39 other must do projects!

Annie's books and all of her wonderful products are available at
Lady Butterbug Shoppe
1701 N. Waddill St.  McKinney
Mon - Sat...10 -5

Lady Butterbug

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1 comment:

Sisters Treasures said...

I love the copper leaf tub! That's amazing that it's done with paint. Instead of actually being copper... plus you wouldn't have to polish it all the time.
Very nice!