~Fireplace Hearth Makeover using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®~

I love my fireplace....but I was really tired of the red brick hearth!
   So I cleaned the hearth with soap and water and broke out 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

I chose color French Linen as my base color.

I applied the paint directly to the brick and let it dry.
After the first coat dried I dry brushed on
colors Country Grey and Paris Grey. 
Then I dabbed on color Old White and spritzed with water
blending the colors together to get a stone look.

I didn't use wax or a sealer...just the lovely paint!
This entire project took about an hour...drying time included!

I love the new look and my fireplace has taken on
a whole new charm!

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® products!!!

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Kathy@ Gone North said...

Just lovely! Who would have thought? : )
Nicely, nicely done....

Di said...

I love it, I have been thinking of doing the same thing! I am so glad to see your results. I have a brass covering around the opening, I want to paint that but do I have to seal it with anything because of the heat?

Lady Butterbug said...

Hi Di,

Paint with Chalk Paint® and seal with Artisan Enhancement® Clear Topcoat. I sell this in my shops or you can order online at ladybutterbug.com. I hope this helps. Karla

Helen Chisholm said...

Good job 😊