~Annie's Chalk Paint® on Fabric~

Look at this sweet French chair that a friend of mine
asked me if I could paint the fabric with Chalk Paint®
decorative paint by Annie Sloan....
Well heck yeah!

So this is the before Damask green and pink fabric.

I spritzed the fabric with a little water before painting.
Then lightly applied the paint using Annie's natural bristle brush
in a circular motion
keeping my brush slightly damp with water.

This is what the fabric looks like after painting
with Chalk Paint® color Versailles.
Versailles is a pale grey green color that looks
great on painted upholstery.  A small sample pot
of Chalk Paint® is plenty to paint this dainty chair.

The thin one coat layer of Chalk Paint® accented the texture in the
Damask fabric and it remained soft and supple.  I choose
not to wax because the fabric remained soft.  I painted the
nail heads too and lightly distressed with sandpaper.

Give this a try!
It was quick and easy and I love the look...hope you do too!

Stop by the shoppe to see another sweet painted upholstery chair!!!

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Lady Butterbug

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Sisters Treasures said...

Thank you for the inspiration to go ahead and paint the fabric of a vintage chair I bought. I've been reading all I can about it and have decided to use Annie Sloan paints vs latex. After looking at your great results, that just confirms it. I hadn't read or seen a video where they recommend painting in a circular motion, but I guess that would prevent streaks so I'll give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lady Butterbug said...

You will love it Betsy! Let me know if I can help and email me a pic when you're done ~ Karla

Liz Rose Bowman said...

oo I really want to try this out, thanks for the info!

Belinda Rangel @Online PhD Resources said...

It looked great! That chalk paint did not only change the looks of the chair. It even accented the texture of the fabric. How did you do it? I’m sorry for it is my first time to encounter such chalk painting. I hope that I could learn about it and practice it on my own.


Jo Tremblay said...

This is an interesting new take on painting furniture. I have never thought to use chalk paint in this way. Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

This sounds so crazy but I can't wait to try it! Do you apply wax as well on top of the paint? Seems like either one would crack or rub off on clothing when sat upon.