~ Teacup Chandelier ~

I had so much fun designing and making the teacup chandelier.
 I made two of these for the newly enclosed porch at Lady Butterbug Shoppe.

The tin parts where hanging out in the garage...I tend to collect things
knowing they will be used someday.
I purchased the pink glass lampshades at a local antique shop.

I watched a You Tube on how to drill a hole in china or glass.
After purchasing a drill bit at the hardware store, I drilled a 1/2"
hole in two saucers that will be used as the base of the chandeliers.

The collection of teacups and saucers are from my paternal
grandmother's collection that thankfully now belong to me.

To make a similar light you will need a white ceramic
light socket found at the local hardware store
and a threaded thingy to thread into
the socket and run up through all the chandelier parts.
Oh and you need some lamp wire, washers and nuts too.
All of this can be purchased in the lamp section at
the hardware store.
The teacups are hung from curly ornament hangers.

I am still on the lookout for more crystals to hang all around in-between
the teacups.

Stop by the Lady Butterbug Shoppe soon and look up to see
the adorable teacup chandeliers!!!

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Lady Butterbug

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