Lady Butterbug Shoppe in McKInney, TX.

The Lady Butterbug shoppe is located in a 1920 filling station
in McKinney, TX.

This is what the building looked like when  purchased in 2014.

Pretty sad right????  But I could see the possibilities!!!

The cars would drive up under the porticasher to fill
up with gas.  The gas pumps are long gone but were located
between the original columns.
This was a Mobil filling station and country store for so
many years.  I neighbor brought me a 1950 picture of the place
with the Coke machine by the front door and the original
Mobil sign hung at the roof gable.  People stop by all the time
telling stories of them riding their bikes to the store to buy candy and a coke.

During renovation the original country store shelves were found
behind walls.  The building had extensive termite damage and needed
new electric wiring, plumbing, car-siding wallboards replaced...well
just about everything needed replacing or updating.

The shutters are made from the old termite infested car-siding boards.

The shoppe stayed looking like this for about two years.

Our sweet customers were asking for me to offer
more gift and home decor items
along with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.
So to add more space I enclosed the porticacher,
where the cars drove under to
fill up their cars with gas, with large display windows.
This newly enclosed
space is filled with gift and home decor items...just
like our customers wanted.

I used scalloped Hardy Plank boards for the walls.
I have never used this product before but I love the look
and it doesn't have to be painted very often.
The resin/concrete pigs are a hit with passersby...
they stop and take a look at the pigs and decorated windows.

The inside walls of the enclosed porch are shiplapped and painted white of course.
The windows are trimmed out with wide boards and salvaged
corner rosettes and plinths.
The concrete floor is painted gray.

I created the teacup lights from salvaged collected items
I had in the garage.  The teacups belonged to my paternal Grandmother.
I've had them in my possession for many years...collecting dust
in the china hutch.  In the good old days grocery stores
would offer dishes at a reduced price when you purchased your groceries.
My Dad purchased a teacup for his Mother every week...hence the collection.

I used a china drill bit to drill holes in the teacup plates
to use as the base for the electrical socket.
I hung the teacups with ornament hangers.

I have also expanded the shoppe into the yard and
added a garden shed named "Maude" after my maternal grandmother.
I will share this with you soon.

The shoppe is loaded with gift items, home decor, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®,
 plants, painted furniture, vintage finds, IOD Decor and so much more.
I hope you will visit soon to see what I have been up to.

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