~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Doors ~

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ came to the rescue again...
...I painted "eight" bedroom and closet doors in Chalk Paint™. 

All the doors were painted in oil base paint ... 
...Chalk Paint™ is the answer to painting
over the oil paint with no priming or sanding.
I gave both sides of eight doors two coats each
and only used 1 1/2 quarts of Old White.

The doors are very plain so we're adding glass knobs
as we can find them at a decent price.



  1. Your doors look great, love the crystal knobs!
    I've got 3 cans of chalk paint I can't wait to use!!!!

  2. Karla they look lovely!
    Love the crystal door knobs too..nice touch!
    I have a couple of doors Id love to paint too..Im just waiting on a back order for wax brushes on my chalk paint order :)
    Cant wait!

    Deborah :)

  3. wow, thats alot of doors!! did you use a brush or a roller?

  4. Karla!the door looks great.

    So I have questions about this magnificent paint.

    1. Will it work on dingy kitchen cabinets with 2 different paint jobs on them ...(the second of which is peeling) ?

    2. Does it come in a light Gray color?

    3. I hear everyone say how great it covers and they only use a little for their projects... like NEVER ENDING PAINT...So does it come by the Gallon or Quart?

    4. Is it costly?

    5. I looked up Stockists for my area... You're my stockist!We live outside Kemp and Yes! I still have water-- I'm not in the City Limits; its been on all the Dallas news channels...

    6. Ok,I know #5 wasn't really a question... So, Is it really the Lazy Painter's Paint, like everyone says?
    Can you email me, please?
    (I have to start saving so I can get some...We're broke as an old joke right now! LOL...)

    I love all your projects... they make me Reeellly want some of this paint! BAAAD!
    ...cause I'm a lazy painter, Pat

  5. Did you use AS wax over the chalk painted doors?

  6. Your door look really great! That glass door knob made it look expensive. I'm loving your door.

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