~ Hydrangea Wreath ~

I hope you are having a terrific Monday.
Teachers and students started back to school today in Texas.
I'm enjoying my retirement from teaching...this is my first year!!!

I have been drying hydrangea flowers from my garden..
finally had enough dried to make two wreaths.

~Hydrangea Wreath~

One hung from the china hutch key...

~Hydrangea Wreath~

...and the other displayed on the dough board with my vintage oil jar collection.

~Hydrangea Wreath~

Lady Butterbug

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...


Cynthia at Shabby Friends said...

I love dried Hydrangeas. I'm sure yours dried beautifully in this weather. How is your beautiful front yard? I've been thinking about how green and lush it was in June. I've posted two new Annie Sloan projects. Hope you LIKE.
I'm out of Old White. Must get down to Smittens this week.

Michele Smith said...

So pretty, they look great in your dough bowl. I LOVE the way dried hydrangeas look.
Enjoy retirement. :)

Stephanie said...

How fun that the first day of school came and you got to sleep late of you wanted to! Love the wreaths!

Isabella said...

Your wreath is beautiful!
This is the first year my
hydrangeas have flowered
so there's only a few small
blossoms - but I'm thrilled
to see them... Perhaps one
day I'll have enough to create
a lovely wreath, inspired by
your pictures shared.
Thank you!
PS congrats on (and enjoy!)
your retirement.