~ Stenciled Lampshade ~

Happy Friday!
I wanted to show you a lampshade I made... ruffled
with tissue linen purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.   .

Stenciled Lampshade

I stenciled the lampshade using a portion of our wedding stencil 
that Maison de Stencils designed and made for us.
I stenciled with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™...Graphite.

Stenciled Lampshade In Chalk Paint™

I love the contrast of the shabby lampshade and the lucite lamp.

Stenciled Lampshade

Oh... I sell stencils and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
at My Favorite Room in Historic Downtown McKinney.

Lady Butterbug

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Karen said...

Love the shade, it looks great with the Lucite lamp.

Ido said...

Great job, love the pretty feminine look!

Anonymous said...

I really like your stencil! Would it be possible to buy them on line?


Wild Oak Designs said...

Wonderful! LOve the ruffle....and the stencil...