~old mcdonald's farm antique cannisters~

I bought these cannisters at an estate sale...found them in a box under the table and just had to buy them.  A few years later I saw a picture of the cannisters in the "what is it?" section in Country Living magazine.  They were made by the Royal china and Novelty Company founded in Antioch, Ill., c. 1938 valued at $750.  What a profit!!!!  I clipped the article and stored it in one cannister for my kids to know the value of them so they don't end up in a garage sale for $10.  Aren't estate sale finds wonderful?

Lady Butterbug

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Deb said...

how cool!!!

Lisa said...

Very cute! I love that you left the article for your kids. That is too funny.:)

Lori said...

haha, don't you love finding the history behind things you have. Love the garage sale comment. I keep finding things at GW and think, somebodies kid dropped off Grandma's stuff again! Good for me!