~Olivia, Ellison & Carter~

A couch full of blondes...my daughter's kids spending the day with Mimi.  Carter-1; Olivia-6; Mimi-39; Ellison-4.  Lots of fun!!!

Lady Butterbug

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Lori said...

a lapful fo laughing, lovely little ones. Let's see you have been teaching for 28 years.... starting teaching at 11? Wow you did good finishing college fast.

Karla at Home said...


LOL you caught me on my age:) I'm still figuring how to answer comments and add followers. Thanks for your comment!!! Karla

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Cute photo of you and the grandbabies! I had my 3 with me today too! Btw, a great way to learn how to do blogging stuff is to watch the tutorials that are available through blogger! You're doing great though!~Hugs, Patti

Natalie said...

I would like to add that if her daughter is 35, that means Mimi started REALLY early....just sayin ;)