~old window greenhouse~

Wow what a project this greenhouse has been....going on two years.  Crazy me thought I could build it myself...built the foundation, frame and installed the bottom course of windows and couldn't do the rest by myself.  So I hired a carpenter to complete the top row of windows and roof.  Now my sweetie Steve is helping me complete the greenhouse with installing the gable windows and he even faux glazed the cable cross.  The old windows came from a historic downtown building.  We still need to prime, paint and glaze the windows on two sides of the building plus organize the inside.


  1. oh my gosh I love it all... congrats on your first post... I will do a link tomorrow on my post and introduce you to the gals! WELCOME ABOARD DEAR!!

  2. Hello, I've visiting from Valerie's site. Welcome to blogland and what a beautiful place you have. Love the little cottage you built. Have a great day, Theresa

  3. Hi Karla....Welcome to blogland! I heard about you from Glimpse of my world. I love your greenhouse! What a unique use of old windows! I will be following you because I love to get ideas on how to transform the obvious into something fabulous! Please stop over and visit me when you get the chance! ~Hugs, Patti

  4. that is the green house I want...welcome to blogland...I'm visiting from Valeries blog...

  5. Hi Karla! Just came over from Valarie's. :) Welcome to blogging.

    I am so envious of your greenhouse. Love that it's built from reclaimed windows too. We recently went on the McKinney Home and Garden tour. There was another greenhouse on that tour built from reclaimed materials. Have you seen it? It was gorgeous too. Nothing like old parts to make something look like it really belongs there.

  6. Well this greenhouse is FAB! Love your photos, and your blog. Can't wait to see the inside when it's done...will keep up. Valarie sent me, you'll just LOVE the blogging world. So fun. Welcome:)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  7. Your greenhouse is just adorable! I ccan see it was a labor of love.:)
    PS Welcome to blogging! I just became a follower so I 'll be back!

  8. Hi...I hang out with Valerie some Blogland. I actually live waaay too far away to get to see her beautiful little blue house.
    I just saved all your photos of your ADORABLE green house and now...I am ON THE HUNT for a bunch of olden windows. OMGosh, this is so so cute and I want one so bad, I could just spit.
    "Oh, honeeee...come look at this amazing green house."
    I think I saw him roll his eyes and sigh all the way down to his toes...Blogging gives me so many great ideas, Mr. Sweet just gets beside himself, sometimes, trying to do everything I want him to do.
    We love it all, tho.

    Welcome to you and I am signing up to follow. Please come by sometime...I nearly always have something for you to eat and drink!! :))
    xo bj

  9. great project. I would absolutely attempt something like that. It might take me longer than two years though. Enjoy your blog, found you from Glimpse of my world.

  10. Beautiful. I love old wondows. I found some last night. Can't wait to use them :).

  11. Awwwe so sweet greenhouse, thanks for sharing!
    deb @ Garden Party

  12. So glad I found you! I have a bunch of old windows from my dad and I've had many ideas for them, but recently I was thinking about a greenhouse made out of them. I've saved this post to show my hubby and I'm hoping he'll say, "sure, we can build one of those!" ha... I'll most likely have to hire someone too :O)

    I'm a Texas girl too... stop by and see me sometime.