~ paint makes the change again ~

Out goes the green stripes that took me forever to paint three years ago and in comes the neutral color.  What a difference in the room...much larger looking and updated.  Now to make a few slipcovers, paint a few tables cream and bring in a small amount of a punch color and we have a new looking room.  Don't you love to paint!!!

~ hydrangeas are my favorite ~

~ Grandma's buggy taking a stroll on the blue strip dresser ~

Grandma's buggy finds a resting place on a blue and white strip four drawer dresser.

~ greenhouse new flower bed ~

We completed the new flower bed this morning on the side of the greenhouse.  Used Mexican roofing tiles that came from a mansion in Fort Worth, TX. for the border.  Hydrangeas and variegated liriope fill the bed and the angel fountain found a new home.  Now on to the brick patio when the temp. cools down and our backs recover from the hauling. 

~ painted shelving unit lined with Grandma's sheet music ~

I painted the piece with Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore...coated with umber glaze... and decoupaged the sheet music to the back.  Do you think my Grandma would be happy that I tore her sheet music up?

~shabby lamp made from spare parts~

I took a rusted lamp base and a flower thing (not sure what this is) and wired the two pieces into a lamp.  The lamp shade came from Restoration Supply from their sale rack.

~old hardware store nail bin~

I purchased this old nail bin from a friend of mine who owes an old hardware store in a small town where I teach.  We had all five bins stacked together but the plants didn't get enough light to grow well so we took off two bins leaving three on the pole.   The two extra bins we placed and planted in front of the greenhouse.  Some of the plant selections did well but I have replaced the verbenas and zinnias with white caladiums and the bins are looking better.  I love to repurpose old stuff!!!!!

~ shelled fireplace~

I saw a picture in a magazine where they attached oyster shells to the fireplace surround.  I couldn't find oysters so I ordered some shells wholesale and attached them with a hot glue gun to the fireplace surround.  Looks greats...really like!!!!    The black metal box with legs on the left is the first reported gas heater called the Thrift Gas Heater manufactured by Welsbach Co. in Gloucester City, N.J.  The heater was my first ebay purchase.

~garden bunnies and wall saying~

"Forgive the past and live hither forth" is a message from God I received during a nap.  This saying has so many meanings to me!!!!  The metal bunnies are sporting two old chambree shirts; one that belonged to my daughter when she was in high school...she is now 35. LOL  To stencil words on the house or other flat surfaces; find a font you like on the computer and copy the words to a large size.  Being a teacher I have access to an old opaque projector.  Using the projector I blew up the words to my desired size, traced them on butcher paper and cut out the words.  I taped the words to the house walls and using craft paint stenciled them on the wall.  If you don't have a projector you can take the words to a sign company or maybe a copy place like Kinkos.A very easy and cheap project.

~limewashing the house~

When I purchased my home 3 years ago the brick was an ugly orange red so I had it painted a dark green which ended up being too dark for all the trees in the yard.  The house got lost in the darkness so I decided to limewash with white over the green hoping some of the original orange red brick and the now painted green brick would show through the limewash.  I love the look I got and limewashing the entire house cost me $8.00 plus plenty of elbow grease.  Here is how the process goes:  buy a big bag of lime (around 30-40 lbs) at the local hardware store.  You will find the lime by the bagged concrete.  Get a 5 gallon bucket (must have a lid) and mix the lime with water to the consistency of pancake batter.  Wear a mask when mixing to protect your lungs...also wear gloves during the entire process.  Now you have limewash that costs tons of money in the store.  Dip a dry 4" brush in the limewash and randomly, in all directions, (your neighbors will think you have lost your mind but keep going)  brush the wash on the brick being sure not to cover up all of the original brick color.  This especially looks good on a red brick house making it look like an aged English cottage.  Limewash one side of the house at a time....if you stop and start on one side the limewash will look like you stopped and started.  As the limewash dries it will become whiter.  Add a colorant if you want a different color.  Now here comes the exciting part to the process...buy boxes of soapy SOS pads (I'm not kidding) and randomly sand off spots of the limewash to age the process.  There is a home a few blocks from mine that had the limewashing done professionally and oh my what a great look....they paid big bucks for this. This was a Ranch style house that now looks like a cottage; hopefully my Ranch does too.  My method is not as professional looking but still a worthwhile process.  Throw the brush in the limewash bucket, put the lid on the bucket and the limewash will keep until you need some more.  Have fun and transform your house into a cottage.

~greenhouse play continues~

So the play (oh what the heck this is work in 100 degree weather) on the greenhouse continues.  Mr. Sweetie moved the stacked brick off the greenhouse to the fence line and I started to create the flower bed outline but ran out of steam.  Also I pulled up part of the brick walkway leading to the greenhouse so Mr. Sweetie can make the walkway flat.  I prefer bumpy walkways that you break your neck on.....a perfectionist (him) versus fly by the seat of my pants(me).  Maybe next weekend these projects will be finished with a flat walkway and the hydrangeas will  have a home in the ground. 

~Olivia, Ellison & Carter~

A couch full of blondes...my daughter's kids spending the day with Mimi.  Carter-1; Olivia-6; Mimi-39; Ellison-4.  Lots of fun!!!

~old mcdonald's farm antique cannisters~

I bought these cannisters at an estate sale...found them in a box under the table and just had to buy them.  A few years later I saw a picture of the cannisters in the "what is it?" section in Country Living magazine.  They were made by the Royal china and Novelty Company founded in Antioch, Ill., c. 1938 valued at $750.  What a profit!!!!  I clipped the article and stored it in one cannister for my kids to know the value of them so they don't end up in a garage sale for $10.  Aren't estate sale finds wonderful?

~vintage 1920's wedgewood stove~

I bought this vintage stove from the original owner in Tennessee for a mere $3,500... cheap compared to the $15,000 restored one in Houston.  It has the prettiest blue flame and all parts work....two ovens, 6 burners, broiler, warmer and storage drawer.  Now moving the sucker is another thing...so far I have moved it twice.  I just love old stoves.

~old window greenhouse~

Wow what a project this greenhouse has been....going on two years.  Crazy me thought I could build it myself...built the foundation, frame and installed the bottom course of windows and couldn't do the rest by myself.  So I hired a carpenter to complete the top row of windows and roof.  Now my sweetie Steve is helping me complete the greenhouse with installing the gable windows and he even faux glazed the cable cross.  The old windows came from a historic downtown building.  We still need to prime, paint and glaze the windows on two sides of the building plus organize the inside.

~organizing the cabinets by color~

blue, brown, yellow/orange and white.....so many dishes

~old lamp shades have new life~

I got these old lamp shades from my friend Valarie Kerby from Glimpse of My World and made them (at her suggestion of course) into plant holders.  What do you think....cute...oh so cute.

~up come the caladiums~

My Dad got me inspired to plant caladium bulbs...he has the gardening gene.  One year I planted 2,000 bulbs which I bought by the box at the end of the season from a local garden store.  This year I planted around 300...just couldn't seem to find them on sale.
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